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The climat on the French Riviera is really unique, it has more than 300 sunny days per year. That's also one of the reasons why many foreigners stay here during wintertime. The French Riviera has a beautiful landscape with many natural parks, many golf courses, a beautiful dark blue sea, large white sandy beaches and lots of restaurants and famous boulevards. 


At one side of the French Riviera (the interior side of the country) you can meet with the beautiful old French architecture in old towns like St Paul de Vence (also called 'town of the artists' because of all the art shops), Mougins or Eze with their narrow roads and old castles. In  this 'interior' part of the country you can also visit towns like Grasse, with it's perfume factory, Gourdon with its perfume source, or Biot with its glasblowing factory. 

On the other side of the French Riviera (the seaside) you can mee with all the well known places like St Tropez with its famous harbour, Cannes with its boulevard 'Croisette' where the filmfestival takes place every year, Antibes with its beautiful old town and harbour, Nice with its long boulevard 'Promenade des Anglais' and its flower market in the old town and of course Monaco with its famous castle, harbour and casinos. 


Recommended Trips:


Take the kids to Marineland in Antibes where you can look at the biggest dolphin show in Europe. Marineland has many things to offer like the whales show, the tunnel with sharks and the butterfly park.


The 3 different perfume factories in Grasse are opened every day of the week and have free access. You can even create your own perfume in the factory 'Galimard'! 


Biot is known for its glasblowing factories. The old town of Biot is really cute and should not be forgotten during your trip!


Take the kids to the Zoo (Parc Zoologique) in Fréjus. You can even make a small Safari and drive the car through different zones with wild animals.


Make a trip to the caves of St-Cézaire Sur Siagne and Saint Vallier de Thiey (both near Grasse).


And of course, don't forget the many golf courses! They can be found in: Cannes/Mandelieu, Grasse, Mougins,  Biot, Nice, Valbonne, Ste Maxime, Opio, Fréjus and St Tropez.